And 2018 FIFA World Cup is from Africa

On July 15, 2018, France won against Croatia with a score of 4×2. The prize goes to France, but also to Africa. Yes. Of the 23 players, most are African or African descendants: Kimpembe, Umtiti, Pogba, Mbappé, Dembelé, Tolisso, Kanté, Matuidi, Nzonzi, Mandanda, Fekir, Sidibe, Mendy and Rami. It’s known that they “chose” to represent France as their country, either born or naturalized French citizens, but it’s undeniable not to see Africa there, the same Africa historically from colonies of the European country and that even today sees its African citizens seek refuge there because of the their country’s precarious situation.

Now a little beyond football, it’s strange to think that the exploited would seek refuge with the exploiter. On the other hand, it’s also very understandable considering the difficult challenges most of Africa still faces: hunger, poverty, misery, wars … But, then again, aren’t these challenges results from previous interventions by many European countries, including France itself, in Africa? How crazy! What a situation!

It’s even more crazy to think about how this migratory control, strengthened by the extreme right, wants to bar the entry of these same Africans, those who can win a World Cup for them (I suggest this reading:

Obviously, there is some good and bad. There are those who integrate the foreigner in the country and/or in the family, especially if they can get ahead … but there are also those who are reluctant against this miscegenation, some xenophobes, perhaps.

Yesterday, I was supporting France because of miscegenation, although I had reflected on the colonial system. I refused to cheer for Croatia, knowing that some think of ultra-nationalism, that nostalgia for oppressive Ukraine, similar to a Hitler system… for me, that will never stick (sorry!). I could have been moved by witnessing the Croatian president’s sympathy and empathy, or by the “grudge” of the 1998 FIFA World Cup, or even by the determination of the Croatian players who still do not have the dream trophy… but far beyond football, other things have weighed heavily with me .. and I could not separate them.

#WorldCup2018 #France #African

P.S .: I invite my colleagues of history, law and politics to think and argue with me and correct me if I am mistaken. I’d like to learn more about this. Thank you!

And 2018 FIFA World Cup is from Africa
(Original text: E a Copa do Mundo FIFA 2018 é da África)


***Agradecimento especial à Vanessa Campana pelo auxílio na correção gramatical.

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